April 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Easter 2
8am Exercise w/Jesse Spring Break for Logan Co. March 27-April 6 3 4 10am Com Bus: Gary Sears
No AWANA 5 8am Exercise w/Jesse 6 Youth Car Wash @ Russellville NAPA 9-1pm 7
8 Church Breakfast prepared by our Deacons, 9am Guest Speaker, Rob Johnson Community Prayer Service @ Lewisburg School, 2pm THE FOUNDATIONS: Video teaching series: 6pm 9 8am Exercise w/Jesse Back to School LTBA Spring Meeting, 7pm @ Elk Lick BC 10 Community Revival Choir Rehearsal, 6pm @ FBC Russellville 11 10am Com Bus: Jesse Vicent 5:30pm-Praize Kidz 6:00pm-AWANA Resumes 6:30pm -Youth/Adult Bible Study 12 8am Exercise w/Jesse 13 13-15 Youth DNOW 14
15 Discussion Counseling Training, 2-4pm Church Council, 4pm Deacons Mtg., 5pm Business Mtg., 6pm 16 8am Exercise w/Jesse 17 18 10am Com Bus: Keith Cunningham 5:30pm-Praize Kidz 6:00pm-AWANA 6:30pm -Youth/Adult Bible Study 19 8am Exercise w/Jesse 20 10am Creekwood Ministry
21 KBC “Being a Biblical Deacon” Training, Bowling Green
22 22-26 Community Revival FBC Russellville, 6pm 23 8am Exercise w/Jesse 24 25 10am Com Bus: Gary Sears
5:30pm-Praize Kidz 6:00pm-AWANA Awards Night 6:30pm -Youth/Adult Bible Study 26 8am Exercise w/Jesse 27 27-28 KBC Youth Evangelism Conf. Hillvue Heights BC 28
29 5th Sunday Sing: All Welcome 30 8am Exercise w/Jesse