Building relationships and bringing people to share the Joyful Life of living in Jesus Christ is our purpose and our mission each week.

We have a variety of Bible Studies, Worship Services, Ministries to different age grouping, and opportunities to connect with others who are looking for support during the joys, as well as the struggles of life.

If you are looking for a church home that you can have an active life in...check us out.  Explore our website,  "Like Us on Facebook", or send us an email...but more importantly, come join us soon to join the Body of Christ as we raise our families, support our Community, and look forward to all the blessings that God wants to share with his Children as we celebrate each week in worship!

Reaching People for Christ...

Sunday Family Bible Studies               10:00 A.M.
Sunday Celebration Worship               11:00 A.M.
 WRUS 610AM  rebroadcast at               1:00 P.M.
Sunday Evening Worship                        6:00 P.M.
Wednesday Evening...Youth and AWANA at 6:00...Adult Bible Study...6:30


"From the Shade of an Oak
      To the Foot of the Cross"